Door Hangers


We've all seen them, but have we all realized the great marketing tool they are? Door hangers are a unique way to catch the eyes of prospective customers in a place where they are not expecting it. And, because door hangers must be physically removed from the doorknob, they are more likely to be read and make an impression that lasts beyond a mere glance.

Door hangers are inexpensive to produce and offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of design, color choice, and paper-stock.

Door hangers make it easy to target a specific audience or neighborhood that will benefit from the product or service you are advertising.

Door hangers are a great way to distribute coupons and simply raise awareness about your company.

When you sit down to develop your next marketing campaign, don't overlook the effectiveness of door hangers. The staff at our print shop is eager to help you utilize this innovative marketing tool.

Product Details

  • 4.25" x 11"
  • 14pt cover Gloss
  • Other custom stocks or finishing options available


  • Automated preflighting of digital files
  • Turnaround available: 5 business days

* Select from two types of proofs. Free Instant Online PDF is included.

Door Hangers
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